We are now accepting registration for September 2021 (children must be turning 3 years of age before the end of December 2021 to register in one of the following classes). 

For further registration information, please phone Dino-Mites Preschool at 604 272 2423 or email us at


To register your child, we require a non-refundable Registration Fee of $40.00 and a Tuition Deposit of one months tuition fee.  The Tuition Deposit will be applied to your September 2021 fees.  No refunds will be given for students who withdraw later than July 31, 2021.   Monthly fees for 9 months are paid by post-dated cheques, beginning October 1, 2021 and ending June 1, 2022 to be collected on the first day of preschool.

WITHDRAWALS: 30 days written notice before the first day of the calendar month is required to withdraw a child from Dino-Mites. No refunds for tuition fees will be given for May and June after April 1, 2022

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